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Proposed 2017 By-laws & Standing Rules

The general membership will vote in an upcoming meeting whether or not to approve these revised and updated By-Laws and Standing Rules for our Chapter.  If you have questions or comments, please direct them to Dawn Hancock, Chairperson for the Standing Rules Committee.

Proposed 2017 By-Laws Native Plant Society of Texas, North Central Chapter

Proposed 2017 Standing Rules Native Plant Society of Texas, North Central Chapter

The By-Laws and Standing Rules, currently in effect (prior to vote to adopt this new version) are the By-Laws and Standing Rules from 2015, which can be seen on the Members page, in case you want to compare the versions.

Committee Positions Available

The North Central Chapter is looking for a few fresh new faces, and new ideas.  YOU could be just the person to get involved and a make a difference for native plants and our local environment!  If you are interested in serving on a particular committee, but not as the committee chairperson, contact the current…
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