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Field Trip to Carol Clark’s Farm

There is a field trip planned for Sunday, May 14, 2017, to Carol Clark's farm, located east of Gainesville.  Meet at noon, in the BRIT parking lot, near the Trail Drive gate, at the 12 x 12 shelter with the blue roof.  We will organize car pools at this time.  Take I-35 north to Gainesville,…
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iNaturalist in use at Fort Worth Nature Center

Enjoy this short story explaining iNaturalist to inspire young and old to get outside, explore nature and record your camera phone photos using the iNaturalist app featuring Texas Parks & Wildlife Urban Wildlife Biologist, Sam Kieschnick aka "sambiology" on iNaturalist!


Tandy Hills Spring Blooms

Enjoy this short video highlighting the spring blooms of creek plums observed at Tandy Hills Natural Area, Fort Worth, TX.  Video by Don Young.  For more info, visit: Friends of Tandy Hills Natural Area

Don's experience when capturing this video "Topping a breezy hill at twilight, we were arrested by this scene of shivering stems of Creek Plum blossoms.  They were covered in moths, butterflies and bees. The spicy/sweet scent was everywhere."
Tandy Hills Natural Area. (March 9, 2017)

Hidden Beauty of Pollination

Gorgeous cinematography of pollinators in action!  Production by Louie Schwartzberg; Filmed March 2011 at TED2011

Get out and add native plants for pollinators in your landscape!  Fall is a wonderful time to plant!  The fall season is the preferred season to start many native wildflowers from seed, including bluebonnets and many other spring blooms!  It's also a great time to transplant from pots with milder temperatures and more frequent rains, native plants get busy getting their roots established during the mild weather.