Transplant Deadline:  March 26th, 2018

Sale Date:  Saturday, May 5th, 2018, 10 am - 2 pm

Where:  River Legacy Park, Arlington

Plants to Donate to Sale

We need members to participate by growing native plants and bringing them to our plant sales:  start native plants from seeds, or transplant extra volunteers into pots.  Plants should be grown early enough that they have a root system that will allow them to survive out planting.  If digging volunteer plants or dividing plants, please allow sufficient time prior to the sale date, so plants get past transplant shock and look good for buyers at the sale.  Please email Josephine Keeney to let her know if you can provide plants.  Initially, she just needs to know who will participate.  As the sale date approaches, Gailon will ask for an inventory (names, quantities, sizes) of what you will be bringing.  Please use the Plant Species List when submitting your plant species common and botanical names  so that they can correctly identify plants on sale signs and plant labels tags.  Using this list also helps maintain consistency from the many plant donors.  If you have plants to donate that are not on this list, we will gladly accept them as long as they are native to Texas.


Plant sale 10.2016 volunteersAlso, please let Josephine know if you can volunteer on the sale date to:

  • pick up plants from members homes and drive to park pavillion to drop them off
  • help unload plants from vehicles
  • organize plants on tables with plant signs
  • assist buyers / answer questions, etc.

It takes lots of volunteers to have a well organized and successful sale and we so appreciate all of you who help in whatever way you can.  Thank you!

Plant sale 10.2016 Josephine

Josephine's Preparation Method for Transplants

"I use Landscaper’s mix at $3.48 per bag and Black Velvet topsoil at $2.77 from Lowes. This makes a large quantity of mix for $6.25.   I mix it at a 3-to-1 ratio, three parts landscapers mix to one part topsoil, using whatever measure you find handy. A one gallon pot works well.   For fertilizer, I use cotton seed meal, a high-nitrogen product that you can find at feed stores like Marshall Grain. A 50-pound bag costs about $15.00 and lasts a long time. I use it very lightly by sprinkling it on top of the soil in the pot when the plant looks like it needs a nitrogen boost. Of course, you can use compost or alfalfa meal or whatever you like, but don’t use artificial fertilizers as that would cancel out the organic part."


If you need pots to transplant into, contact Gailon Hardin.

For the purpose of expediency at the sale and to save confusion we have decided to have three common pot sizes:  4 inch for $2.50, quart for  $4.00 and gallon for $7.00.  If your pot is not one of the standard sizes, the price will round down to the next smaller pot size. Please try to pot your plants as close to standard sizes as possible.  For any uncommon or difficult to propagate plants, for which you feel different pricing than above is desired, please discuss with Josephine Keeney or Gailon Hardin for approval.  For any pots larger than one gallon, please be sure to put the price you wish to charge on each plant's pot.

Labels Plant labels

Gailon will make labels for all your plants.  These labels are standardized with plant information to make it easy for buyers for shop.  Prior to the sale, Gailon will ask you for a list of the exact native species you are donating to the sale, the number and quantity of each size.  She uses this information for making labels, creating an inventory and calculating the optional rebate to members.

Optional Rebate

Members of the North Central chapter have the option of receiving a rebate for their plants that actually sell.  The rebate amount is calculated for each member / grower and is 50% of the net profit from their plants actually sold.  This optional rebate helps increase members' participation in providing plants for the sales each spring and fall.