Committee Positions Available

The North Central Chapter is looking for a few fresh new faces, and new ideas.  YOU could be just the person to get involved and a make a difference for native plants and our local environment!  If you are interested in serving on a particular committee, but not as the committee chairperson, contact the current Chairperson to discuss ideas & ways to participate.

There are a few committee chairperson positions that will be opening up for the 2018 calendar year.  As a chairperson of a standing committee, you are a part of the Board and entitled to vote at Board meetings, which are once a month. Contact Kim Conrow if you are interested.

Did you know...You do NOT have to be a Board member or committee member to attend Board meetings?  They are open to all paid North Central chapter members.  Attending a meeting is a great way to find out the latest scoop about what is going on in the chapter!

Do you have ideas for interesting programs or native plant topics you want to hear about?  Then consider joining as the Vice President of our chapter.  Their main duty is the think of interesting native plant topics and then contact speakers and ask / arrange for them to make a presentation at one of our monthly meetings.  Since we meet 10 times per year (not Jan or July) and since the October meeting is always the native plant exchange and the December meeting is always the holiday party, the VP only has to arrange for eight guest speakers during the year.  Ok, the VP also helps organize the holiday party, but really, that is all there is to it!


The Plant Sale Committee is looking for a new assistant / leader.  Josephine Keeney has determined she needs to scale back her plant sale duties, but she would like to continue as the Plant Sale Committee chairperson and lead the Spring sale each year.  If you have a green thumb and are good at organizing numerous volunteers who participate in our sales, please talk with Josephine about this exciting opportunity.

The Events Chairperson is responsible for promoting our chapter and the NPSOT organization at local community events to educate the public about our mission and native plants.  Lead / coordinate volunteers to work at events throughout the year.

The Audit Chairperson is responsible for forming a committee of three or more people, who should: internally review the chapter's financial records; obtain an independent confirmation of the chapter's bank account balances, at least once per year.  This committee only meets once per year and then you are done, so this is a great way to jump in and volunteer without a big time commitment.  Chairperson needs to be comfortable reading balance sheet, income statement, etc.  The current Chairperson is willing to serve as a regular member on the committee to ease the transition for the new Chairperson for 2018.

The Parliamentarian attends board meetings to advise the presiding officer, if needed, on procedural matters, using the North Chapter's Bylaws, Standing Rules and if necessary, Robert's Rules of Order.  This one is easier than it sounds.  You just have to be willing to attend Board meetings and look up an item in the Roberts Rules reference book when a question comes up (which is not very often).

The Website Committee needs writers, Word Press editors and photo contributors to keep information and photos regarding activities fresh and up to date on the website.   Photos of native plants, native landscapes, any of the native places (See map) and or members engaged in any of this chapter's numerous activities are needed.  Contact Laura Penn, Theresa Thomas or Karen Harden to participate one time or on a recurring basis.  We already have a few members on this committee, so we are looking for new participants to help out.  You can contribute as much or as little time as you want, as long as you make an effort to add or update some information on the website each month.

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