Committee Positions Available

We need YOU to get involved and a make a difference for native plants and our local environment!  There are a few leadership positions opening up for the 2018 calendar year. Please contact Kim Conrow to participate, whether it be a once a year or on a more regular basis.

Did you know...You do NOT have to be a Board member or committee member to attend Board meetings?  They are open to all paid North Central chapter members.  Attending a meeting is a great way to get the inside scoop about what is going on in the chapter!

The Financial Review Chairperson is responsible for forming a committee of three or more people, who should: internally review the chapter's financial records; obtain an independent confirmation of the chapter's bank account balances, at least once per year.  This committee only meets once per year and then you are done, so this is a great way to jump in and volunteer without a big time commitment.  Chairperson needs to be comfortable reading balance sheet, income statement, etc.  If desired, the retiring Chairperson is willing to serve as a supporting member on the committee to ease the transition for the new Chairperson for 2018.

Join the Website Committee to help add photos, and activities information to the website.  Photos of native plants, native landscapes, any of the native places (See map) and or members engaged in any of this chapter's numerous activities are needed.    We already have a few members on this committee, so we are looking for new participants to help out.  You can contribute as much or as little time as you want, as long as you make an effort to add or update some information on the website each month. Word Press experience helpful, but not required if you are willing to learn and practice using your new skills at least once a month, at a time convenient for you.


The Events Committee spreads the word about native plants and the North Central chapter's activities in the Native Plant Society of Texas to people who attend festivals and events in the local community.  The chairperson coordinates members who volunteer to be at a booth or table at the event.  Volunteers share information with people who walk up and inquire about native plants and what the North Central Chapter's activities are.  We tell people about our native plant sales, landscaping classes, upcoming meetings, field trips and other activities as well as many of the benefits of using native plants in their landscapes.

The Membership Committee Chairperson promotes membership in the Native Plant Society of Texas, North Central Chapter.  They may attract new members by working with the Publicity Chairperson to advertise / promote activities and events the public may want to attend, and offering a free book to visitors who become a paid member, and other means that will spread the message of the Native Plant Society of Texas and attract people who want to join in our mission.

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