Monthly Archives: January 2016

2016 Meeting Speakers

January 2016 No Meeting -- Enjoy your Holiday! February 4, 2016 Native Cacti John Chmielewski March 3, 2016 50 Shades of Green - 50 favorite natives for cultivation. Ricky Linex April 7, 2016 Mushrooms and Fungi Denis Benjamin May 5, 2016 Managing for Monarchs Randy Johnson June 2, 2016 The Blackland Prairie Across Time George Diggs…
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2016 Board Members

2016 Elected Officers President:  Starr Krottinger Vice President:  Kim Conrow Treasurer:  Gailon Hardin Secretary:  Dawn Hancock Immediate Past President:  Theresa Thomas Chairpersons Audit:  Laura Penn Education:  Merita Knapp Events:  Dawn Hancock Field Trips:  Theresa Thomas Hospitality:  Dave West Membership:  Laura Penn NICE! Plants / Nurseries:  Patti Maness Outreach:  Laura Penn Parliamentarian:  Martha Mullens Plant Sale…
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