Monthly Archives: March 2017

Nature Challenge 2017

When:  April 14 - 18, 2017, Easter Weekend, Anytime Where:  anywhere in and around the DFW, TX metroplex What:  Citizen scientists UNITE!  Take photos and record in iNaturalist app your observations to compete and show the rest of the country how many different critters and plants and fungi live in our urban area! Who:  we need YOU, your…
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Volunteer for the Savage Cabbage Bash!

When:  3/25/2017  9 a.m. to noon Where:  The Trinity Trails in Fort Worth, between the Press Cafe and the Woodshed Smokehouse restaurant. What:  Help young student volunteers properly identify bastard cabbage, Rapistrum rugosum, for proper removal from the Trails to eliminate this invasive weed. Who:  we need YOU to be friendly and help engage our youth…
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