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High Performance Landscape Study by BRIT

  Read More at BRIT's webpage:  High Performance Landscape Study by BRIT   Click here to take the survey re: aesthetics: BRIT survey [gallery columns="2" size="full" ids="4326,4325,4329,4327,4330,4375,4333,4331,4335,4334,4337,4336,4339,4338,4343,4341,4345,4344,4347,4346,4349,4348,4351,4350,4354,4352,4356,4355,4358,4357,4360,4359,4362,4361,4364,4363,4366,4365,4368,4367"]
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Working with TXDOT to Preserve Native Plant Habitat Along Roadsides

How did this all came about?

Read More:  Signs That You are Addicted to the Cause Native Plants = Healthy Habitats

Keys to Success:

Step 1:  Practice the 3 Ps:  Patience, Perseverance, Polite requests

Step 2:  Look for and focus on Common Goals.  Acknowledge TXDOT has other priorities and work within those parameters where it is easy to find common ground.  If they know you are aware of their priorities and are willing to adjust your request to accommodate that, you should be perceived as someone reasonable that they can work with.

Step 3:  Make the first request a "baby step" towards the direction you want to go in, not a giant leap forward, unless you already have some indicators they are open to a bigger change.

Step 4:  Give them 2 alternatives for action that you desire.  Then be happy with whichever one they choose, even if it was the "least" alternative.  Even a small step forward in the right direction is a start towards a better tomorrow.

Step 5:  Gather support for your request - information and people.  Resources that were helpful included:

Step 6:  Make your case as simply as you can.  Use a bullet point summary so information can easily be scanned and digested.  Summarize what is desired, why it is the right thing to do.

Step 7:  Give them supplemental info through visual graphics to make it easier to say "Yes" to your request.

  • Map showing the area for actions
  • Photos of native plant habitat
  • Illustration of what you desire
  • Map showing connectivity of native plant habitats

Step 8:  Follow up with the 3 Ps again:  Patience, Perseverance, Politeness until you receive an answer.

Step 9:  Graciously give thanks for any type of positive response to your request.

  • Email thank you note - send immediately
  • Snail Mail thank you note with a photo - something they might pin on their bulletin board to "share with the team"
  • Thank both those who took action and acknowledge the same with their bosses so they get another "pat on the back" from their chain of command within TXDOT

Step 10:  Try to stay connected / keep in touch with TXDOT representatives to build an ongoing relationship.  Let them know how their requested actions have achieved the desired goals.  Send a follow up photo.  Continue to express appreciation for their actions.




NICE! Summer 2017 Plant of the Season

Blackfoot Daisy, Melampodium leucanthum White-flowering perennial for sun and well drained soil Description: Blackfoot Daisy, Melampodium leucanthum, also called Plains Blackfoot Daisy, is a tough, drought-tolerant Texas native that can thrive in hot places. It grows 6 to 12 inches tall and up to two feet wide, with a bushy, mounded form. Its inch-long leaves…
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