Gardening Days

Join other members of the Native Plant Society of Texas - North Central chapter at one of our beautiful demonstration gardens.  Enjoy the great spring time weather while enjoying gardening with all the gorgeous native plants.  Exact activities vary by garden and day, but could include:

  • Dividing plants (You might get some freebies to take home!)
  • Planting new areas
  • Trimming, shaping
  • Weeding
  • Collecting seed or taking cuttings for propagation

So come join some old friends or make some new ones, while helping our demonstration gardens thrive to attract new native plant enthusiasts!

A few reminders of what to bring / wear :

  • water bottle, and maybe light snack
  • gloves
  • hat
  • your favorite trowel or weeding tool
  • a friend to introduce to native plant gardening:)
  • your phone or camera to capture some images (of plants, pollinators, people...) to share in the newsletter
  • wear sunscreen
  • consider applying mosquito repellent (summer)
  • appropriate gardening clothes & shoes - Go ahead, get a little dirty!  It's fun!

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