2013 Meeting Speakers


Program: Drought and Wildfire Effects on Native Plants.

Our speaker will be Mr. Rickey Linex, the wildlife biologist
for the Natural Resources Conservation Service headquartered
in Weatherford. Linex works 51 counties in North Central
Texas. He has worked 30 years with NRCS in Goldthwaite,
Snyder, Abilene, and Weatherford. He serves as President of
the Cross Timbers chapter of NPSOT. In 2010 he started the
Reverchon Naturalist, an online bi-monthly newsletter celebrating
the plants of North Central Texas. He is well qualified to
teach us about how our weather effects our native plants.


Program: Infiltration Basins: How to Keep Water on Your

One of own, Gailon Hardin, has created a new program on infiltration
basins, using the slope of the land among other things to
capture rain so you can support the moisture needs of plants
you night not otherwise be able to have in your garden.


Program: Using native and drought-tolerant plants
in your landscape

Another program that gets right to what we want to know:
How and what native plants can we use in our own yards.
Heather Dowell is the Urban Forestry and Land Manager for
the City of Arlington Parks & Recreation Department and uses
natives in many of the landscapes she prepares for the City of


Program: How Native Americans used native plants

The May program will provide an interesting look into life in
Texas more than 100 years ago. Curtis Carter is an avid
replicator who will not only tell, but show us how Native
Americans used the plants around them for tools, clothing,
foods etc. Curtis will focus on the Plains Indians, with an
emphasis on the multiple ways they used yucca.


Program: From Lawns to Native Plant Gardens

The June program will be presented by Josephine and Frank
Keeney, and it will help us learn how best to change our lawns
to native plant gardens. Josephine and Frank are active NPSOT
members as well as being active in other organizations that
focus on keeping things natural! This will be a practical learning
experience for those of us who would like to incorporate
more native plants in our yards but aren’t sure how best to


Program: The Bob Jones Nature Center: Its history; What it is; Eastern Cross Timbers;
and the master plan for conservation and restoration

Teresa Moss is the new Executive Director at the Bob Jones
Nature Center in Southlake. Before assuming this position she
was an environmental educator at the John Bunker Sands
Wetland Center in Seagoville. She has a Master of Education
degree and a Master of Science degree in environmental science
from TCU, as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in
psychology with a minor in biology from UTA. She has over 18
years of teaching experience in formal and informal science
education in public and private schools, over six of which are
at the university level at TCU. She is a Tarrant County Master
Gardener, Cross Timbers Master Naturalist, and Master


Program: Prairie Ecology

This presentation  by Suzanne Tuttle will touch on the major types of grasslands
native to North Central Texas with discussion on how the
abiotic (non-living) factors of soil and climate determine what
plant community ultimately arises at a site. We’ll also take a
look at how water, carbon and nitrogen cycle through grasslands
— the ultimate and original recycling process.  Suzanne Tuttle is the
Nature Center Manager for the Fort Worth Nature
Center & Refuge


Program: The Annual Plant Swap: Bring a Plant! Swap a Plant!

If you never come to another meeting, don’t miss this
one! This is the most fun and the most educational of all
our meetings. Bring a native plant to swap with another
member, but come prepared to tell us something about
the plant! You will learn about your plant and all the other
plants members bring to trade. This meeting can be
boisterous as members vie for their favorite plant,
so come prepared to laugh while you learn!


Program: Texas Trees

Bill Collins is a Master Naturalist and was formerly with the Forest Service.
The weather has been very tough on our trees lately,
so you’ll want to learn all you can about this important


Our December meeting is a time to celebrate us.
Bring something for the potluck dinner and enjoy
good food and good times.

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