Help Roll Seed Balls!

We need you to come help roll seed balls.  This activity will be fun for the whole family, so bring the spouse and kids!  

Saturday, January 26, anytime between 10 am - 2 pm

At Stella Rowan Prairie at Tarrant County Resource Connection, there is a City of Fort Worth Water easement that runs through the property, adjacent a creek. The City recently came in and did "maintenance" in their easement. On the positive side, the "maintenance" mechanically removed a lot of nasty invasive privet. On the down side, much of the riparian area where maintenance was done is now bare and needs native revegetation.

To help Mother Nature along, a group of volunteers have been collecting (with permission of course!) local native seeds from the site.  These local ecotype seeds will be used to make seed balls that will be dispersed in selected areas of the riparian zone that match the growing conditions of the seeds collected.

The Great Seed Bomb organization is participating in this event to provide materials, equipment and leadership for a seed ball making event on January 26, 2019. We need lots of helping hands to come roll up the seed balls, since the riparian zone that needs revegetation is pretty sizable.

So save the date, Saturday, January 26, 2019 to come make seed balls, not snow balls this January!


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