Randy Johnson Organics Nursery

Randy Johnson, a well-known, local, organic, native plant enthusiast has taken his entrepreneur skills to the market and opened the native plant nursery, Randy Johnson Organics.  Randy co-owns and runs the business with his sister, Julie, and both are available to meet.  The nursery specializes in offering:

  • Texas native plants
  • wide diversity of hard-to-find species not commonly or never offered for sale
  • LOCAL adapted ecotypes / genotypes of native species
  • on-site consultations covering habitat creation / restoration
  • pollinator garden design
  • organic horticulture
  • edible gardening
  • Custom growing is available. They will travel to collect or you can provide the seeds you wish grown, no size limits.  They will grow one or one-thousand!

Click on this link to see a list of all the native plants Randy either has in the nursery now or can grow for you:  Randy Johnson Organics Nursery Master Species List 2018

For more information about this special native plant nursery, check out the article in the Newsletter 2018 March

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