Monarch Waystation at Forest Park Pool

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This slide show / video presents the work done at the City of Fort Worth Forest Park Pool to create a Monarch Waystation both to help the monarchs, as well as other pollinators, and to beautify the pool landscaping.  This project was started by Kim Conrow in July 2016 and installation was completed August 14, 2016.  It all started so simply...Kim had been going to swim regularly at the pool and one day made a passing comment to the staff as she checked in at the pool admission desk, that their landscaping looked a little sad and she suggested that they put in some native plants.  It just so happened the pool supervisor was nearby and said he would be interested to hear some suggestions, as the staff had tried several different attempts to add plants to the landscape, but in the area that was being discussed, none were thriving.  From there, the project shot off like a roman candle!  Kim, not one to miss on opportunity, knew she had to strike while the iron was hot!  She pulled together resources from many diverse groups and made a monarch waystation happen in just about 5 weeks time!  It is AWESOME!

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Original Project Plan

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