Landscape Design

Landscape Design Tips and Tricks


  1. How to Design Native Landscapes by landscape architect Carol Feldman
  2. How to Prepare a Design Layout by Texas Smartscapes
  3. Plant Grouping Alternatives
    • Monoculture groupings / mass plantings of a single species of plant
    • Show contrast / differences in plants' shapes, textures, sizes, color of bloom
    • Polycultures - using multiple different plants' similarity of characteristics to create harmonious appearance of multiple species of plants; most commonly leaf shape and overall plant shape.
  4. Wildscapes Design Tips from Texas Parks & Wildlife
  5. How to keep your homeowners association & neighbors happy, so they don't call the code enforcement officer:
  • Have your landscape visually represent elements of "order" / design discussed above
  • Have well defined paths through the landscape.
  • Maintain neat edges and borders around the perimeter and to define separate landscape beds / growing areas.
  • Use plant signs to identify plants that might look "messy" to the casual observer.
  • Get certified (e.g., Texas Parks & Wildlife "Wildscapes",  National Wildlife Federation or Xerces Society). Put up the sign you get for being certified to inform others of the native habitat you have created.
  • Don't confuse "native" with letting weeds come in and take over, i.e., do regular weeding of invasive plants like Bermuda grass and nut grass.
  • Be respectful of lines of sight needed for vehicles, especially around corners, so don't plant things that get too tall that could block views.
  • Talk to your neighbors when you are outside gardening; introduce them to a native plant that is blooming in your yard to share your knowledge about native plants and the necessary habitat they provide.  As they become more knowledgeable, they become your allies!
  • Brag to your neighbors about how much you've reduced your water bill by installing a native landscape.
  • Share extra native plants that volunteer / re-seed in your yard with neighbors!


Hire a Pro

Check out these NICE nurseries that also offer landscape design services:  Redenta's Garden, Stuart's Nursery, Marshall Grain, & Weston Gardens.  See Where to Buy for location / contact info.