Rescue Native Plants


Native plants should only be "rescued" when a site is about to be developed or demolished in the very near future.   Digging, collecting wild native plants from their natural habitat (unless it is your own property) is not endorsed by this organization.  Permission from the land owner or manager must be obtained before initiating a rescue.

Rescue Date:  May 13, 2017
Number of Members Participating:  21
Plants Rescued from site about to be Demolished:  175 and counting
Species Saved:

prairie verbena, gaura, greenthread, prairie bluets, indian blanket, winecups, calylophus, krameria, Penstemon cobaea, antelope horns milkweed, milkweed vine, Texas bindweed, Engelmann’s daisy, wavy leaf thistle, plantain, two leaf senna, sensitive plant, gayfeather, Texas vervain, indian paintbrush, rabbit tobacco, buffalo grass and Texas grama grass.

For more information about native plant rescues please contact Laura Penn.