What to Plant

North Central Chapter's Recommended Plant List
Recommended Native Plant List 10.2020


Pollinator Partnership's recommended plant list and information to attract


Southern Plains Plant List recommended by The Xerces Society


Audubon Society's search tool (by zip code) Native Plants for Birds


Restorations of Native Plant Communities - Understand what is native in each local prairie, savannah, forest; Know what to plant for native wildflower meadows and prairie restorations:

  • Use our Map to find the nearest native plant location to your site.
  • Then click here: Plant lists by locations as documented by Jeff Quayle.
  • After clicking this link, scroll down to bottom of page to see "Flora" lists.
  • Choose the Flora list for the location nearest your planting site.
  • Download & study the Flora list to understand which native plant species might have been present at your location prior to development / disturbance.


Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center's Recommended Plant List for
North Central Texas Region


Why NOT Lawn?


What NOT to plant and remove if you have it:  Texas Invasives
1 Offender  in North Central chapter area = most troublesome invasive plant that shows up in native places, unwanted, is all forms Privet, Ligustrum spp.  Even though it is still sold in nurseries, do NOT plant it and REMOVE it if you have it.  Replace with a native shrub or understory tree!