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Plants for the hot dry hellstrip

You know where I am talking about...that narrow strip of land between the hotter than hell asphalt or concrete street and the sidewalk.¬† Plants put in the hellstrip should be able to tolerate extreme conditions:¬† reflected heat from the hot nearby hard surfaces, dry soil conditions due to space limitation of the bed size, hot…
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Newsletters 2013

Click on each link below for the monthly news and native plant information. Newsletter 2013-02 Newsletter 2013-03 Newsletter 2013-04 Newsletter 2013-05 Newsletter 2013-06 Newsletter 2013-07 Newsletter 2013-08 Newsletter 2013-09 Newsletter 2013-10 Newsletter 2013-11 Newsletter 2013-12
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Newsletters 2012

Click below to read each issue: NCNPSOT-2012-12 NCNPSOT-2012-11 NCNPSOT-2012-10 NCNPSOT-2012-09 NCNPSOT-2012-08 NCNPSOT-2012-07 NCNPSOT-2012-06 NCNPSOT-2012-05 NCNPSOT-2012-04 NCNPSOT-2012-03 NCNPSOT-2012-02 NCNPSOT-2012-01
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