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Newsletters 2015

Click on each link below for the monthly news and native plant information. Newsletter 2015-02 Newsletter 2015-03 Newsletter 2015-04 Newsletter 2015-05 Newsletter 2015-06 Newsletter 2015-07 Newsletter 2015-08 Newsletter 2015-09 Newsletter 2015-10 Newsletter 2015-11 Newsletter 2015-12
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NICE! Spring 2015 Plant of the Season

Mealy Blue Sage, Salvia farinacea: Low-maintenance and long-blooming perennial   Description: Mealy Blue Sage, Salvia farinacea, also known as Mealycup Sage, is an herbaceous perennial. It is native to New Mexico and Texas; its native habitat includes prairies and the edges of woodlands. Its names “Mealy” and “farinacea” both refer to the way the sepals…
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