The Treasurer keeps the chapter's bank account reconciled and reports to the chapter and the board on the receipts and disbursements from our chapter's activities; she also submits a quarterly financial report to the NPSOT state office.

Hello everyone! I want to share a few things with you about me.  I’ve been in corporate accounting for nearly 20 years now.  What I like most about accounting is that numbers are the concrete view of an organization’s passion.  Right there in black and white you can see what a group’s priorities are and I can see our chapter’s mission and passion in the reporting.  I bought a house in Arlington about three and a half years ago and the yard was one of the things that sold me.  You can see in my garden my education on native plants.  I started with all my misunderstanding of exotics and now the native plants are just everywhere.  My friends and family all know that at some point in any phone call I’ll exclaim, “There is a hummingbird/butterfly/hawk in my garden!”.


NC Chapter Past President 2003-2004, Joined NC Chapter in 1998