Volunteer for the Savage Cabbage Bash!

When:  3/25/2017  9 a.m. to noon

Where:  The Trinity Trails in Fort Worth, between the Press Cafe and the Woodshed Smokehouse restaurant.

What:  Help young student volunteers properly identify bastard cabbage, Rapistrum rugosum, for proper removal from the Trails to eliminate this invasive weed.

Who:  we need YOU to be friendly and help engage our youth in care and concern for nature, the environment and the survival of native plants.

Please contact JoAnn Collins at at joacollins@gmail.com if you can:

  • help guide kids in proper plant identification
  • bring bottled water for thirsty kids
  • help coordinate kids in work areas, and or keep track of info on areas cleared / quantities of bags of plants removed, etc.

About this Event:  This is the second year of this event.  Last year was just the start of this campaign to rid our trails of this invasive plant!  Tarrant Regional Water District member Marty Leonard wholeheartedly supports this effort to remove invasives and support native plants!

Sign up:  www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0F4CAAAD22A2FD0-savage/

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